Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

How It All Began

Our founder, once a physician in Hong Kong, transitioned seamlessly from healing bodies to engineering comfort. It all began when she experienced tailbone problems due to long-hour sitting while studying for an engineering degree during the COVID pandemic.

She tried different tailbone cushions in the market, but none of them provided the level of support that our founder wanted. Guided by the belief that everyone deserves a seat of comfort, she embarked on a mission to engineer a revolutionary tailbone cushion that is better than all existing cushions in the market.

Impacting Lives,
One Tailbone at a Time

The ErgoValue Memory Foam Seat Cushion was born after one year of research, development, prototyping, user testing and experiments.

Having read user reviews and tested existing products in the market, we fully understand what customers want in a seat cushion. We made sure our cushion fulfills all of them.

Our cushion will give you unparalleled comfort and support, so that you focus on what’s important and achieve your potential.

We cannot wait to hear your thoughts about the cushion!

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