Tailbone Pain Experts love us!

Hear from Dr Jennifer Vohra, DPT, PCES at Bloom Pelvic Health and Wellness:

Today our clinic received a special delivery, courtesy of ErgoValue Comfort Cushion! We now have their amazing memory foam cushion available for you to try out! A huge shoutout to ErgoValue for this fantastic addition to our comfort lineup.

Ready to elevate your comfort game? Swing by the clinic to experience it firsthand, or simply head to our website where it’s now featured in our products section! We’ve got tons in stock, so don’t hesitate to try it out at the clinic!

Say goodbye to tailbone pain and discomfort while sitting and working at your desks – for hours! Your bum will thank you for the upgrade! 

Dr Erika Darbro, PT, DPT, PRPC, a pelvic health expert at Envision Pelvic Health and Wellness, recommends our cushion to anyone that has tailbone pain or wants to add comfort to their chair 😍

Dr Carri Dominick, PT, CSCS, a tailbone pain expert at Recharge Therapy, explains what she likes about our cushion 😍

Dr Tabitha Harder, PT, DPT, OCS, an orthopedic pelvic floor expert at The Postpartum PT, explains why the cushion is helpful to patients with tailbone pain 😍

Dr Katherine Pace, PT, DPT, a tailbone pain expert at Haven Pelvic Physical Therapy, explains how our cushion relieves tailbone pain 😍

Endorsements By Physical Therapists

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